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Who is D-One?

There are DJ's and then there are real DJ's. D-One is no doubt as real as they come. In this day and age when simply owning the newest technological toys translates into "I am a DJ", the authentic art is sadly dying. D-One belongs to that shrinking elite group, those Dj's with the experience and skill to take their audience on an absolute musical adventure through a jungle of different genres and eras. The understanding of how to control an audience is a talent mastered by D-One, which when combined with his captivating energy, undeniable charisma, awesome stage presence and of-course smooth mixing skills, creates something simply special; an experience to remember. 

D-One aka Daryl Rodulfo, International Dj and key member of the world-famous Dutch sound-system; Herbalize-itis also a Music Instructor, Student Mentor, Event Planner and budding Producer. Owner of street-wear brand Ripe Wussy-Free and has his hands in a host of other exciting projects. 

D-One was born on the exotic island of Trinidad and Tobago, which explains the sultry tropical vibe that calmly seduces his sets and his obsession with introducing Caribbean music (especially Soca) to new listeners. With initiatives such as Soaked In Soca, a European based platform aimed at promoting Soca and Carnival culture, this ambitious mission has begun to nicely take shape.

"Constantly presenting the music to new listeners. This is how to win new fans. This is how the music spreads. This is how the scene grows."



A typical D-One show can be described as a kaleidoscope of sexy, pulsating, hands in the air, body sweating, spend all your money, party till you drop music. It's just not possible to place D-One in any specific genre or box. He switches with an effortless easy confidence from style to style making him arguably one of the best all-around DJ's on the international clubbing scene. From Trinidad to America to The Netherlands and now based in Germany, D-One is definitely a man on a mission. A mission to entertain, educate, inspire and spread the joy and gift of music with as many people as possible.

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