Technical Rider & Essentials

Last Update 01 January 2020, canceling all previous versions.

The following instructions constitutes part of the contract and is essential to ensure that full, un-compromised D-One live experience is delivered. All intended alterations to this rider must be approved by D-One or his designated representation.

To discuss changes or work out compromises to any specifics of this rider, please do not hesitate to contact Daryl Rodulfo,


The following is the absolute minimum that is acceptable, if these specifications cannot be met and this is not communicated 2 weeks before the show date, this will result in no performance.

For the performace, the following or higher must be provided:

  • One (1) Pioneer DJM-900 Nexus2 DJ Mixer (DJM-900NXS2) OR

  • One (1) Pioneer Nexus DJ Mixer (DJM-900NXS)

  • Minimum serie- Two (2) Pioneer CDJ-2000 NEXUS CD Players (CDJ-2000NXS), linked via Ethernet

  • One (1) Shure SM58 microphone or simililar, connected directly to the mixer

  • One (1) Standard on-stage DJ monitior, connected directly to the mixer

  • Reasonable space for all equipment and laptop on a sturdy table/stand


- Full correct connection to all equipment. Equipment must be in good to high, fully working condition without any defects, tested before hand to insure it is so.

- The sound must be clear with all the right levels and loud enough for the size of the room. A professional sound specialist, responsible for the entire set and troubleshooting must be available and close at hand throughout the entire set.

- DJ Booth and stage area should be soundly constructed with a stable structure that is deemed safe by the necessary authorities.

- D-One reserves the right without penalty to refuse to perform or use any equipment or structures, which he feels is a risk to his safety or does not meet the agreed upon rider specifications.

- D-One has the right to have unwanted people removed from the DJ Booth or stage area.


If a sound-check is required, the promoter would inform D-One as to when this would occur.


The promoter is responsible for safe-guarding D-One's equipment and personal belongings, whenever D-One is not present to present theft or damage.


One (1) Return First or Business class air or train ticket would be provided by the promoter, from the departing and arriving locations, plus preferred travel times, specified by D-One. Travel to and from airport/train station/hotel/venue must be provided by the promoter or adequate travel fare must be provided. One (1) hotel room with king size bed, late check-out, breakfast and free internet must be provided by the promoter.


The promoter must ensure that the following is provided free of charge.

  • Dinner or dinner buy-out, minimum €50

  • 6 bottled Heineken beer

  • 6 bottled water

  • 2 sweat towels

  • 1 packaged snacks platter

  • 1 bottle Johnny Walker Black 

  • 2 large bottles ginger ale

  • OR

  • 1 bottle Angostura 1919 Rum

  • 2 large bottles Coca-Cola 

  • OR

  • 1 bottle Plantation X.O Rum

  • 2 large bottles Coca-Cola

****Feel free to contact D-One to further discuss the details of this rider.